At Q Chambers we pride ourselves on being proactive. The skills necessary for mediation are equally applicable to assisting negotiations where there may be multiple stakeholders with conflicting needs but a common goal.

As such we provide two services to help assist negotiations.

ADR Awareness

Whether you wish to know more about the role and application of ADR such as mediation and expert determination or alternatively you face a dispute and are unsure or skeptical about the process. We can provide you with ADR consulting that provides an insight into the different types of ADR and their processes. We will explain the process and its benefit to your matter.

ADR Proactive

You may be buying or selling a business.

You may be in a dispute about an environmental issue between different stakeholders.

You may be party to a commercial deal whereby there is a common aim but various sticking points stopping you getting an agreement.

The parties may have a common goal but conflict as to how to achieve the objective, alternatively there are conflicting needs that need to be reconciled.

ADR Proactive Q Chambers works with all interested parties to help them find common ground, and as a consequence identify the solution.

ADR Proactive is not about solving disputes in the traditional sense but assisting parties who have a common commercial or social objective but could benefit from an independent neutral help the parties to overcome their sticking points.