Q Chambers provides a comprehensive alternative resolution service including mediation and arbitration.

Our members have an extensive level of experience but also in their own chosen field of professional practice and as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) practitioners.

Q Chambers offers bespoke cost effective ADR solutions to help you resolve your dispute /issues.

Although there may be complex legal, technical and monetary issues at stake at the heart of matters are individuals. Our service is to help those individuals in conflict to find a pragmatic and constructive outcome and as far as possible help preserve and build relationships for the future. This may include help preserve and build a working or business relationship for the future.

Q Chambers Values and Approach

Our members come from a diverse range of professional backgrounds. Some of our members career has been as lawyers but even here they have other string to their bows.

At the heart of everything we do is the people involved in the dispute. There may be issues about the facts; law and money but we are conscious that any dispute is time consuming and stressful. Often those in dispute want to maintain a long-term viable business relationship. Our emphasis is about what you have in common and not solely what divides you.

Core Strengths

Our core strengths rest in our members’ experience, empathy, knowledge and good humour. Recognising the needs and concerns, but remaining neutral, of each party is the key to trying to find a lasting solution.

If you wish to discuss you or your client’s requirements please contact practice administrator, Caroline Prior on 020 8940 9988 or at caroline@qchambers.co.uk. Alternatively you can submit your requirements via the form on the Contact Page.

Q Chambers services include:

  • Mediators including virtual/ e mediation.
  • Arbitration
  • Expert determination.
  • Early Neutral Evaluation.
  • Independent Review.