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Q Chambers provides a comprehensive mediation, arbitration, and alternative dispute resolution service plus bespoke legal consultancy and training. Our team have an extensive level of experience in their chosen field of professional practice but also as ADR practitioners. Their standard qualities are empathy, knowledge and good humour.

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Q Chambers prides itself on the people that bring their diverse backgrounds to help others resolve their issues.Our team have an extensive level of experience in their chosen field of professional practice but also as ADR practitioners. The qualities of empathy, knowledge and good humour are at the centre of all that we do.

Practice Areas


Mediation is a cost-effective means to resolve a dispute. There is an expectation by courts to be place of last resort and otherwise for parties to use Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

Mediation involves an independent and impartial Mediator to assist parties in facilitating a settlement.

The mediator’s role is to hear in confidence both sides of the issue and encourage the parties to achieve resolution. A mediator does not impose a solution.

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Expert Determination and Early Neutral Evaluation

Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE) is where the disputing parties jointly instruct an independent and neutral party to assess the claim's merits based upon the relevant facts and law. The parties decide whether the evaluation is binding or non-binding. ENE helps narrow the differences on issues of evidence and law thus assisting with the efficiency of a court trial, negotiations or ADR e.g. mediation.

Currently, we offer this service for the following areas general contract and commercial disputes; tort claims; intellectual property (not patent disputes); media law.

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Independent Review

Independent Review is where a third party neutral is appointed to investigate an issue and provide a detailed finding allied to suggested ways to manage a resolution.

The scope and nature of the enquiry is agreed in advance with the investigator, including the extent of their power of enquiry, a time table and costs.

Where appropriate an independent investigation can be a precursor to some form of dispute resolution process, such as mediation.

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Q Chambers Arbitration Service is an alternative to either court proceedings or other forms of ADR. The service is designed to provide the parties an efficient final and binding solution.

Unlike Court, the parties can choose their rules and procedures offering efficient and flexible resolution within a relative short time depending upon the complexity, location and number of parties involved.

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ADR Awareness

The skills necessary for mediation are equally applicable to assisting any commercial negotiation where the stakeholders have competing needs but a common goal. Q Chambers provide the services of ADR Awareness and ADR Proactive.

ADR Awareness explains the role and application of different types of ADR. Whilst ADR Proactive is where we facilitate negotiations between parties to a transaction.

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Legal Consultancy

Julian Wilkins provides a legal consultancy service. As a legal consultant Julian is not acting as a solicitor nor is he regulated or authorised by the SRA. However, Julian is indemnified for the work he undertakes.

Julian’s consultancy includes legal advice and guidance on commercial, intellectual property and TMT (Technology, Media, and Telecom).

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Home Page Testimonial Summary

Q Chambers provides a comprehensive alternative resolution service including mediation and arbitration. Whether it’s help with difficult conversations or a cost-effective alternative to litigation, you can trust us to bring parties closer together

Asking Better Questions

When the best outcome can only come from a clear understanding this can all be put down to the quality of the questions. Questioning skills are what make the difference, with a choice of the best diverse collection of mediators, bold enough to ask the difficult questions and experienced enough to make them effective in compromise discussion . Recognising the needs and concerns of each disputing party is the key to trying to find a lasting solution. This where we excel.

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